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Splice Sleeves

Standard Sleeve

This sleeve design represents the industry’s most reliable, highest quality sleeve at an economical price. Standard lengths include 60mm and 40mm. Sleeves come standard with a clear outer tube for viewing the color of the fiber itself.


Ribbon Splice Protection Sleeve

iFiber Optix offers two ribbon sleeve styles: Dual Strength Member and Single Strength Member. The Dual Strength Member design eliminates any undue stress on the ribbon, creating a perfectly flat exit for the ribbon. Available with a ceramic strength member.


What is Splice Protection Sleeve?

Splice protectors are designed to provide strength and protection to fiber-optic cables after fusion splicing. These splice protectors are composed of a heat-shrinkable outer tube, hot-melt adhesive lined inner tube with stainless steel strength rod. The fiber splice sleeve is composed of a steel strength member, an inner fiber tube, an outer shrink tube, two clear outer tubes for viewing the color of the optical fiber itself.

advantage of using splice sleeves is offering lower insertion loss and provides better performance, typical insertion loss is < 0.1 dB, therefore, it has a very low impact on overall link performance.