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Our Mission

iFiber Optix strives to design, manufacture, and deliver the highest quality fiber optics. With our focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and competitive pricing we seek to change the industry by providing the ultimate level of commitment and value to every product made and distributed.

Why Choose iFiber Optix?

21 Years of Excellence

For over 21 years iFiber Optix has been growing rapidly primarily due to our high-quality fiber optic cable assemblies, reliable on-time delivery, and the most competitive pricing in the cabling industry.

Lifetime Warranty

iFiber Optix warrants that each of its products is at the time of delivery to the customer, free from defects in materials and workmanship. Our Products conform with industry standards – EIA/TIA and/or BICSI.

Technical Support

Need advice? Give us a call, our experts are standing by waiting to assist you with all your fiber optic questions and needs. We are committed to giving you great fiber-optic service.