About iFiber Optix


For over 21 years iFiber Optix has been growing rapidly primarily due to our high-quality fiber optic cable assemblies, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing in the industry. Our direct contact with engineers and production sets our demand high, resulting in the quickest service provided in the industry. We create and customize products that will perform to our customer’s expectations.

IFiber Optix was founded twenty-one years ago in the year 2000. Our company has produced some of the latest and greatest fiber optics. Sanjeev Jaiswal the CEO of iFiber Optix found a fascination towards the industry on how light can do much more than shine a light to a room.
As we manufacture our products to be the latest in the industry our focus expands to make sure there is fast delivery and top-of-the-line design. iFiber Optix was started to be a part of something bigger and giving the company the opportunity to innovate. This is what we know and excel in, in an industry that is leading the way in connection and communication around the world.

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