OptiTip Harness Assembly Fiber Optic

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Corning OptiTip® Harness Assembly

Part Number: i2570-TIP-XX-X-X-X

The OptiTip® Harness Assembly is an outdoor or indoor/outdoor cable factory terminated with a male OptiTip MT connector on one end and a furcation and breakout to LC, SC, or ST® Compatible single-fiber connectors, or an MTP® Multifiber Connector, on the other end. Single-fiber connectors are terminated on 24 in long, 2.0 mm jacketed furcation legs. The MTP Connector is terminated on a 24 in long, 2.9 mm round furcation leg.

OptiTip Harness Assembly comprises one or more tails (or cables) of fiber optics that transmit the light from the illuminator over a distance. The tails are joined together in a connector (the common end) which plugs into the illuminator and are normally loose at the other end.

The OptiTip® connector is the key enabler for quick connection of up to 12 fibers at a time. The connector is based on the field-proven MTP® connector technology encapsulated in a hardened package suitable for use in any environment. A male (pinned) version and a female (non pinned) version are easily joined to make a watertight terminal or in-line connection. Factory installation and testing ensure reliable, low optical loss on all fibers.



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Performance Specifications
OptiTip® MT Connectors
Operation -40 °C to 70 °C (-40° to +158°F)
Length 3.47-in female, tip to end of the boot (4.07-in with dust cap installed)
3.29-in male, tip to end of the boot (4.23-in with dust cap installed)
3.29-in male, tip to end of the boot (4.23-in with dust cap installed)
Maximum Outer Diameter 0.7 in minimum recommended duct size is 1.25-in
Mateability Pinned alignment, male-to-female connector, or female connector to male adapter
Qualification EIA/TIA 568-B.3,GR-3152, IP 69K and IP 68
Reflectance Single-mode OS2: ≤ -65 dB
Tensile Strength 100 lb when factory installed on SST-Drop™ or FREEDM® Flat-Drop Cable
Insertion Loss, Maximum 0.65 dB maximum per fiber
Insertion Loss 0.35 dB typical