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Multimode Indoor/Outdoor Trunk Assemblies

iFiber Optix offers the most complete line of connectors and factory-terminated cables, from single-fiber jumpers to high-fiber-count assemblies. As the industry’s leading supplier of cable assemblies, iFiber Optix’ state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures unsurpassed connector performance with products that meet or exceed all industry standards for back reflection and insertion loss.

All fiber assemblies are thoroughly screened in a carefully monitored process, and quality tested at the end. This assembly and polishing process ensures the same outstanding quality in every connector. Controlling connector end-face geometry is key to ensuring network reliability.

The radius of curvature describes the radius of the end-face surface measured from the ferrule axis. The correct radius of curvature is necessary to control the compressive forces on the connector end-face. The radius of curvature values between 10 to 30 mm is recommended to avoid fiber damage and to ensure low
reflectance and insertion loss.

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