MTP Loopbacks Assemblies Solutions

MTP Loopbacks Singlemode

MTP Loopbacks Multimode

Loopbacks are built to link Transmitter (TX) and Receivers (RX) positions of MTP transceivers interfaces.

iFiber Optix offers single-mode and multimode MTP/MPO fiber optic loopbacks. 12-fiber and 24-fiber optical loopbacks are easily customizable with customer specified. MTP/APC Single-mode loopbacks, MTP Fiber Loopbacks utilizes a push-pull tab mechanism to provide a simple, easy method to encapsulate optical fibers in loopback test assemblies and loopback assemblies provide a complete QSFP+ optical solution. Feature and Benefits. • MTP/MPO QSFP+ connector interface meets QSFP+ SFF-8436.