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LGX Wall Mount Enclosures

iFiber Optix’s wall mount enclosures with 2-Port, 4-Port and 12-Port adapter mounting positions provide a convenient convergence point for interconnecting and/or splicing in wall mount applications. Provisioned for 2P, 4P or 12P LGX-compatible adapter plates or optical modules, the enclosures feature a well-engineered solution for fiber and cable management on both the ingress and egress openings of the enclosure. Robust steel construction ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive components while integrated roll-formed hinges eliminate possible fiber pinch points while deploying or servicing components within. All IFW series enclosures feature discrete access doors for provider and customer access which are lockable by key.

  • Fits comfortably into new and existing interconnect, cross-connect and co-location environments
  • U-shaped cable entry eliminates the need to feed preconnectorized cables through an inconvenient access port
  • Available empty, with adapters, or with adapters, splice trays and pigtails pre-installed
Performance Specifications
Type Depth (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Inches) Capacity Unloaded Weight
2-Port 2.5 14 12 12-24 10 lbs.
4-Port 3.63 16 12 24-48 12 lbs.
12-Port 6.82 20 16.75 144-288 18 lbs.