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LC-LC Multimode OM3 & OM4 Ultra Fiber Cable

Part Number: i2350-G-XX-2J (OM3)
Part Number: i2550-G-XX-XJ (OM4)

Corning Clearcurve Optical Fiber Cable 50/125um ZIPCORD OFNR/OFNP

OM4 available in 2.0, 1.8, 1.6, and 1.2mm

Performance Specifications
Fiber Type: SINGLEMODE (50/125um)
Insertion Loss 0.3dB
Typical Insertion Loss 0.2dB
Mating Durability (500 cycles) <0.2dB
Tempreture Range -40 C to 85 C


SPC GR-326 Geometric Requirements:

Protrusion/Undercut: +50/-100nm