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Opti-Tap Flat Drop Cable Multi Fiber

Fiber tapping uses a network tap method that extracts a signal from an optical fiber without breaking the connection. Tapping of optical fiber allows diverting some of the signal being transmitted in the core of the fiber into another fiber or a detector.

Designed for use in the network access and drop cable portions of a network, iFiber Optix hardened Opti-Tap connectors make installations faster, easier, and less costly. These connectors, used alone or integrated into hardware products, must be able to protect against environmental factors common in the outside plant, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, and other harsh conditions.


  • Hardened connectors are factory-terminated and environmentally sealed for use in optical drop cable deployments.
  • Hardened drop cables incorporate hardened connector technology that is designed to withstand the rugged outside plant environment.
  • Hardened drop cables simplify installation and maintenance by reducing splicing requirements in the distribution portion of the network.

Multi-Fiber Tap Cable Specification